Wednesday, August 16, 2006

POD PEOPLE, by Jeremy Robinson

POD PEOPLE: Beating the Print on Demand Stigma is a very nicely done guide to self publishing by an author who has had some success at it.
I'm never amazed by the unending amount of self help books that continue to pour into the market--that includes the self help books to writers aspiring to pen the next great adventure and see it published out of New York. But it seems like they are all written by people who do nothing but write books about how to be published. Where are the books on publishing that come from writers that have interesting titles on the market.
That's one thing I like about POD PEOPLE, the author has penned some other works and they were actually good. Jeremy Robinson has The Screenplay Workbook, to his credit but it was his self published fiction novel, The Didymus Contingency that drew me to investigate POD PEOPLE.
In fact, POD PEOPLE is a chronicle of his self publishing success with his fiction novel and that makes it something more than the other writer's self help book. Mr. Robinson takes us on a journey of how he did it. He talks about ways to make a marketable book and publish it, all the while emphasizing writing a good story as the key. He investigates "Stigma Busters"--self-pub flubs and mistakes that authors tend to make and how to get around them so that your self published book looks professional. Robinson also discusses ways to get the word-of-mouth going as well as ways to market your work. This was all wrapped up in a short but fun read and considering Robinson is now signed on with Breakneck Books for his upcoming novel, Raising the Past, apparently he knows what he's talking about.--Podlingmaster.

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