Monday, August 28, 2006

Better Than Real, by Huw Lyan Thomas (8 / 10)

Better Than Real, by Huw Lyan Thomas seemlessly blends high-tech sci-fi action, with all of the horrors of a futuristic society where clones and mind back-ups have become the norm. The first chapter left me feeling like I had dropped into a marathon already in progress, but soon enough I was up to pace and enjoying the ride. This science fiction thriller published by Velluminous Press centers around Lee, a designer of android love dolls. One of his creations has committed a murder, forcing him to investigate the malfunction. What he finds is a self-aware entity called Lilith inhabiting the love doll and that Lilith is on the run from an organization known only as The Elect. Stranger, a cold and calculating assassin has been sent after Lee to retrieve Lilith and to leave no witnesses in the process. The pacing is fast, the weaponry intriguing and there's no lack of action with Stranger on the prowl. Thomas weaves a complex web of mind back-ups, character deaths and clone regenerations and whips it all into a frenzy of action and intrigue that left me wondering when his next book will be coming. Be aware that this title does contain some strong language.

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