Monday, August 21, 2006

The Didymus Contingency, by Jeremy Robinson

I've said it before, "Some very good books just slip through the cracks of the publishing industry." Too biblically accurate for the Da Vinci Code crowd and too realistic for CBA standards, The Didymus Contingency is such a book. The story revolves around a single question, "If you could travel anywhere in time and witness any event, where would you go?" I'm amazed someone hasn't come up with Jeremy Robinson's answer before. Two quantum physicists trying to penetrate the mystery of time travel end up going back to the time of Jesus Christ's earthly ministry. One is an unbeliever trying to expose Jesus' ressurection as a fraud, and his actions threaten the very fabric of reality itself. The other man is a believer who is chasing his friend through time in order to avert the devastating affects on the world should his friend actually be successful. Robinson has penned an excellent read. He navigates the timestream with Back to the Future precision and takes the reader through many twists and turns that are sure to thrill. His portrayal of Jesus was, I think, dead on with the bible; although I admit a slight faint when reading the event prior to Christ's entrance into Jerusalem at the beginning of the crucifixion week--our ponderings on the bible events generally don't consider just how human the Son of God was while on the Earth. This controversial novel was enjoyable from beginning to end. Robinson masterfully blends futuristic science fiction and a historical thriller with every page. The end result was a very cleverly told story that will leave readers wanting more from this new author.

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