Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Golem, by Greg Vilk

Golem, by Greg Vilk (9-10) is the exceptional tale of a team of WWII Rangers who are chosen to investigate mysterious events at a secret Nazi base in Greenland. The author puts you right in the middle of the action which is non-stop from beginning to end. Every whisper of the wind and creak of a door, had me gripping the pages in anticipation of the next line! I couldn't put it down!
This story reminded me a great deal of the mood found in John Carpenter's The Thing. The frozen Nazi base the story was set in only heightened the chills and excitement I felt while reading it!
Golem is a terrific, but short read. I did notice quite a few editing mistakes, but I was easily able to overlook them because the story was so unique; like nothing I've read before. Golem was intense and fast-paced and when the lights went out at my house that night, I wondered, just for a moment if the Golem was behind me.--Podlingmaster

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DED said...

I liked it too.