Friday, April 13, 2007


NICK GREENWOOD is another very talented graphic artist which does book covers. His work is featured on a number of books by Windriver publishing including Collinsfort Village by Joe Ekaitas.

Pricing information can be had by contacting Mr. Greenwood directly and there is a vast gallery of his work in just about every genre located on the site. Mr. Greenwood has a very detailed style and quite an imagination. His artwork has been featured in a number publications, all of which may be researched at his site.

Self published authors and Small presses definitely need the kind of resources we're trying to point them take a stroll over to the Nick Greenwood website and see for yourself the difference some intriguing artwork could make for your next project.
"You may also notice that PODLING'S editorial posts have a unique picture chosen for each one. The idea is to find something engaging that connects with the content. This my dear authors is what cover design is all keep an eye peeled to see how they match up. I always search through photo files very carefully for the one that feels right."

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