Monday, April 16, 2007


JEREMY ROBINSON is not only one of our favorite authors here at PODLINGS, but he is also the cover artist for all of Breakneck Books titles. There are about ten different covers for you to view and all of them are his work. On Mr. Robinson's personal site (click his name above) or on our "Artist list" in the sidebar, you can find several nice pricing packages for cover work and interior design. Bonus! Mr. Robinson also does book trailers for Breakneck Books and maybe you could persuade him to do one for you. Money still talks, as they say.

LAURA DIEHL is also an illustrator of high quality and great imagination. Her work has been featured on several book covers I know of...three of which I reviewed unfavorably because of the writing--NOT the covers. In fact the covers were initially why I invited the author to submit at all. Anyway, here are just a few choice gems from a vast gallery located on her site, check them out.

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