Friday, April 27, 2007

ANTI-CHRIST: A Satirical End of Days by MATTHEW MOSES

Anti-Christ: A Satirical End of Days by Matthew Moses, with horribly mad theology and enough twisted vulgarity to go around, comes off as exactly that: Anti Christ.

I agreed to review this book despite its premise, having told the author at the outset that my personal beliefs would probably cause me to hate it. Mr. Moses still wanted the, to echo Damon Wayans twisted "Men on Films" character: HATED IT!

Let me elaborate a little. It is the content of this novel, which is very offensive and disturbing, which brought me to that conclusion. However, let me say that, Mr. Moses is actually a gifted writer. His prose is delivered with a natural flare and were it not for the content, I would read this author without hesitation. The book is well edited--hardly a grammatical error to be found. I hated the cover only because it doesn't appear to be a book cover at all. The format is not correct for a book cover and it's merely plain text; uninteresting to behold. Somehow, the main character, also named Matthew, remined me of one of those Jackass guys from Johnny Knoxville's troop, except he doesn't intend for all of the horrible things to happen to him.

I give this writer one star--only for the fact that I can clearly see, he has talent--for the book, nothing. Let me reiterate: were this writer to sink his teeth into something less offensive, I would read him in a heartbeat.

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