Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson, is the thrilling final chapter in The Door Within trilogy. I've reviewed the other two books in this trilogy and haven't been disappointed yet. The final installment is no less thrilling, in fact, I think Mr. Batson manages to ramp up the action even more for a wonderful climax to the story.
This series has followed a classic dramatic pattern. As George Lucas has said of his original trilogy, "It's a three act play: in the first act you introduce the characters and the situation, in the second you get them in the worse trouble they can possibly be in, and in the last act you get them out of it."
The Door Within follows this pattern and does so with great success. In the first book we find out about the scrolls of Alleble and The Realm of Glimpse kind; a sort of parallel universe with our own in which every person has a Glimpse twin. However, in the Glimpse universe, we have a fantasy realm with dragons, knights, archers, and other mythically styled beasties to whett our appetites. In the second book, The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, the main characters are switched a bit and we follow another character into the realm and find the worst case scenario for the Realm coming to pass with the rise of ancient creatures wielding tremendous power and death dealing capability. (And here I think is one of the places where I think this series has successfully parted ways with the likes of Narnia...there are some really bad beasties here and they are very prominent!)
In this third act of Mr. Batson's dramatic play, we find hope again with the coming of The Three Witnesses. We get to see our hero from book 0ne joining with the heroine from book two and a new hero who's formerly been an enemy during the earlier books, but truth has prevailed in his life. It seems that all of the cool creatures from the series are in this book and they have at it! We are brought to the edge of hopelessness only to be pulled back from the brink with the arrival of the King...and here we see a Revelation nineteen style second coming with the armies of Alleble following to destroy the enemy at the last possible moment.
Overall, I'd say this series makes for some really fun reading with a magnificent ending. And understanding the clear allegory for this story only makes the ending that much more dramatic and fulfilling; bravo!