Thursday, March 15, 2007

BEN AMITTAI by Bruce Judisch is a Christian novella in the historical fiction realm. The book is based upon the early years of the Prophet Jonah and addresses his calling from God and his journey to carry God's message to King Jeroboam II.
The book is a short read at 138 pages, but is engaging, especially if you enjoy historical fiction centered around biblical events. Mr. Judisch is an excellent writer and his prose is very fluid. I personally wouldn't be surprised to find that Mr. Judisch has written other works even if they remain unpublished.
The story isn't quite a thriller but there is some action and quite a bit of character development to people like Jonah we hear little about, other than the biblical account of his brief incarceration inside the belly of a whale.
The book itself is very well done; produced by Tate Publishing which is a Christian based subsidy publisher. I have to say though, given what I've seen from subsidy presses like IUniverse and others, this book design is top notch...of course Mr. Judisch has footed the bill for it, but a nice product is a nice product. And personally, I think as an author you should get what you're paying for.
Also of interest is the fact that Mr. Judisch is donating the majority of proceeds from the book to the support of missionary efforts; claiming to keep only that necessary to cover his personal costs for the book itself....bravo!

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