Thursday, September 28, 2006

CLEAN by Ken Sweet

CLEAN, by Ken Sweet is an interesting story of one man's vision of redemption. Ben has lived the life of the average "every-man" and he is frustrated with it all: his marriage, his job and his existence in general. He realizes the need to free himself, to go in search of CLEAN. Ben hopes that if he can win a final showdown against the dark man that haunts him then he will finally be rid of his inner demons and be reborn. The writing in CLEAN is exactly that. Ken Sweet has impeccably edited this self published novel and he's an excellent writer to boot. His imagery puts you right in the middle of the mystical old world locations over in Britain as Ben quests from site to site for clues to CLEAN. And when Ben ultimately finds what he's been searching for, he realizes that instead of finding the end of a journey, he's really only found the beginning.

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