Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Worldly Device

Another Worldly Device, by Serdar Yegulap, is a self published novel available only at The book is a coming of age story that attempts to mix some conflict in by way of a mysterious kidnapping of the pre-teen Jane's foster parents. Jane is then eventually adopted by the eccentric Japanese author that lives next door. There is a tie that binds between this woman and the kidnappers although it takes most of the book to find out what that is. The story focuses most of its first person narrative on the relationship between Jane and Satoko with the mysterious kidnapping and break-ins as a back drop to their getting to know one another. Serdar plays the total dysfunction of their relationship like a fine tuned instrument and on the level of coming of age and so forth, the story delivers. However one thing I would fault Mr. Yegulap with is the lack of understanding the reader is ultimately given on the nature of Satoko's power, since the whole background of the story is set around this power and those who are trying to prove its existence among mankind. The book is laced with editing mistakes that tend to really come out in force after the first half of the book. This might be expected with a self published title. A word of warning: this book contains very strong language and is certainly not suitable for the YA crowd even though the main character is 11 years old.

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