Thursday, October 23, 2008


ARTEMIS FOWL and the TIME PARADOX by Eoin Colfer is the sixth novel in the wildly popular Fowl series and we see Artemis facing one of his more dangerous enemies so far...himself.

Well, at least that is what one hopes when reading the story, but ultimately I was more glad to see the return of Opal Koboi! The novel as always is well written (though I notice the well published authors seem to delve into "telling" and "passive voice" as if it were stylish). Nevertheless the story is chock full of action and engaging. All the old characters, in fact, seem to be in this one, including a cameo by long dead Julius Root.
I would have been 100% pleased by the story were it not for the fact that little ARty isn't quite the nemesis he is played up to be. Not to say he isn't problematic for older fact older Artemis seems a bit dim in comparison on many occasions--not his usual self at all. Perhaps raging hormones have finally quelled the superior intellect?
At any rate, Opal Koboi, arrives mid-way through to steal the villianous spotlight from an otherwise mundane young artemis. Opal Koboi, has to be the best villian I've personally seen in the series and "The OPal Deception" is by far my favorite novel in the series. She comes through here as well, never a bit less brilliant or maniacal as ever! Thankfully!!
All in all, I highly recommend the novel, it is Artemis Fowl after all, and if nothing else but to see Artemis face his greatest nemesis of all. NO, not himself...Opal Koboi, you ninny! :)

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