Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Chronicles of Soone by James Somers

The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King, by James Somers, is being hailed by some as the best sci-fi epic since Star Wars. This new title from Breakneck Books is their second fiction title following the release of bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson's Raising the Past. We thought for this guest reviewer spot that we would get the word on the street from readers like yourself.
"Wow, the next Star Wars! I hesitated at first, because I had not heard of this author, so I checked the publisher and...decided that if they were willing to put so much faith in James Somers then I could take the chance. Boy am I glad that I did! I would not have missed this exciting read for anything. Action, thrills, surprises, suspense, this book has all that and more: More twists and turns than a California freeway of the L.A. variety. Can't wait for the next one in the series."--Betty Dravis purchased Chronicles from
"I am a huge fan of Star Wars and this just might have topped it! This is the best book I've ever read."--young reader, John Onderdonk, purchased from
"There's more action in this Sci-fi thriller than you can shake a stick at, yet I was still able to get attached to the main characters."--Amazon customer review--"B.B. the big cheese"
"If you're a fan of Matthew Reilly's non-stop action thrillers, you'll find the same kind of action here, but with infinitely more heart. This is a great story for adults and for kids!"--Amazon review--"Thriller Fan"
The story is based around a long standing war among the clans of human kind between several habitable worlds. The Protag, Tiet Soone, is one of the few remaining survivors of the Barudii warrior race and the only known heir to the Barudii throne. When he returns from exile, grown, he sets out to avenge his people, but a much greater responsibility awaits him. He must decide whether to assume the throne of his father and attempt to reconcile the warring clans before they destroy one another. Fallen spirits are working against him as they propagate the war as part of their campaign to rule mankind.
This one is worth every penny--non-stop action and a gripping story, that is suitable for the young and the young at heart! This is the first in a series, we look forward to the rest.


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